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Transitioning to the United States and American culture can be challenging, even for the brightest international students. FCP's ESL/TOELF program is the perfect solution for international student-athletes looking to improve their English, reading, writing in preparation to be accepted into a college or university in the states.

FCP is the ideal location for international student-athletes, as we are one of the most diverse post-graduate programs in the country, having hosted more than 50 international student-athletes from over 35 different countries.


Every international student-athlete will need an I-20 in order to attend FCP. We will walk you through the process of completing the application and necessary paperwork with our partner college, in which you will be enrolled as a dual participant.  You will need to complete the FCP online application as well as the Int'l application and provide a copy of your passport, completing required deposit, and submit financial verification that you have sufficient funds to support your stay in the United States.


Boarding accommodations for international students at FCP are modern and first class. We offer the ultimate in a comfortable, homelike living environment while maintaining the sense of privacy that each person desires. Individual beds, multiple restrooms, on-site laundry, wifi, mart TV, large kitchen and dining room with large front and back yards.

Catered Meal Plan, biweekly food stock and multiple nearby restaurants allows each boarding student-athlete various nutritious options daily. 

Daily Transportation is provided all season for each boarding student, to and from all scheduled practices, games, events and team functions. 


Prepare These Documents: Copy of high school grades official transcripts (translated to English), Proof of Graduation Diploma, Copy of Birth Certificate, Copy of Immunization Records, Copy of Passport, Copy of last month's Bank Statement.



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