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Transitioning to the United States and American culture can be challenging, even for the brightest international students. FCP's ESL offering is the perfect solution for students looking to improve their English, reading and writing in preparation for their TOEFL exam. Future College Prep is the ideal location for international students, as we are one of the most diverse post-grad programs in the country, hosting more than 20 international students representing 16 different countries from around the world since 2011.

International Students Will Have The Luxury Of Benefiting From All Three Program We Offer:

  • ESL/TOEFL Hybrid Training

  • 1/1 SAT/ACT Prep Tutor

  • Virtual Sports Business School


Future College Prep's basketball training and personal development program allows student-athletes to maximize their full potential through progressive training as part of their daily routine.

Performance goes well beyond physical capabilities. FCP's unique Training + Development program offers performance training in Leadership, Nutrition, Mental Toughness, and Full Body Management. Our goal is to help you reach your full potential in basketball and in life.


Accommodations for international student-athletes at FCP are modern and first class, and offers the ultimate in comfortable living environment while maintaining the sense of home that boarding students desire. Daily transportation, Catered meals, bi-weekly food stock, on-site laundry, wifi, smart tv, spacious lounging and dining area, with a large back yard.


FCP's proven competition schedule and expert coaching has led to unprecedented team and individual accolades as well as college placement. With over 500 wins in school history and nearly 100% international college placement, FCP is an ideal place for international students.

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