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FCP's proven on-court expert instruction has led to unprecedented team and individual accolades as well as college placement. The same program that defeated the #1 Ranked Findlay Prep (2013, article) its only home loss in school history, emphasizes player development and collegiate preparation. Each student-athlete is surrounded by a support team inclusive of experienced coaches, staff and knowledgeable advisors.

Student-athletes experience an atmosphere that closely mirrors the intensity and schedule of a collegiate program. Offering various levels within the program, including individual workout opportunities from nationally recognized trainers. FCP's training program supports and challenges individuals while providing a platform to achieve their goals.

We utilize a revolutionary training curriculum that addresses all key areas of performance and nutrition. We are known for having a highly competitive game schedule, we do this so each player will have unlimited opportunities to showcase their talent, and maximize our ability to market to college coaches at all levels (NCAA, NAIA & Juco).

ladder training
beach workout
weight lifting
hurdle training

FCP's daily schedule is unlike any other post-grad program. We utilize next-level techniques and unconventional methods to strengthen each student-athlete's ability to adapt, develop independently and self-motivate.

We challenge each student-athlete to be at their best daily in pursuit of their main goal, putting  them in situations where they will have to problem-solve and make smart decisions, resembling the college experience.


9:30 am - Individual Development

10:00 am - Plyo Strength + Conditioning

10:30 am - Skills/Shooting Development

11:00 am - Team Practice

1:00 pm - Injury Prevention

1:15 pm - Skill Development (Ind.)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

*1:30 pm - Lunch

*2:00 pm - Academics (Hybrid)

*4:00 pm - Individualized Plan

*5:00 pm - Rest + Recovery

*8:30 pm - Dinner

*On Own Time

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