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Future College Prep is SoCal's first and longest running Independent post-graduate basketball program. Established in 2011 with a mission of immersing select student-athletes in a family culture solely committed to development, maturity and promotion. With over 100 student-athletes matriculating to prominent colleges or universities, most on full or partial basketball scholarships, FCP is the standard on the West Coast for the most complete post-grad experience. 


A Post-Graduate, Mostly Referred To As A 5th 0r Gap Year Following High School Graduation, gives student-athletes the opportunity to enhance their overall academic and athletic standing with top college coaches recruiters. FCP's post-graduate program offers a rigorous daily schedule that prepares student-athlete for the challenges that await them at the college level. Understanding that objectives, goals and abilities are different, FCP's experienced and dedicated coaches  work diligently to make sure each student-athlete receives the best opportunity for success.


Enhance Your Academic Standing! At FCP each student-athlete will have the flexibility to jumpstart their collegiate coursework at one of our partner colleges, upgrade your SAT/ACT Test scores with our individualized test prep assistance or simply choose to take advantage of the current college rule that rewards student-athletes with high GPA's to be automatically accepted and exempt from standardized testing in certain circumstances.


A Win-Win No-Brainer ! Not only will each student-athlete have the option to enhance their academic standing and athletic profile, they will be doing so without jeopardizing any of their College Eligibility. Experiencing college independence and becoming self-reliant is a key component of the FCP program, all while receiving elite level training/development, college game competition, and national exposure.

Welcome To The Future

Welcome To The Future

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// 100+ Student-Athletes Matriculating To Colleges/University

// 3 NBA Players (Braian Angola-Orlando Magic, Victor Sanders-Denver Nuggets, Frank Bartley IV-New Orleans Pelicans) 

// Defeated #1 Team In Country (Findlay Prep - 2013 )

// 12 Former Players Sign Professional Contracts

// 50 Players Representing 35 Different Countries

// Set National Record Playing 84 Games (2013-14, 73 Wins)
// 4-Time Conference Champion (2012, 2013, 2014, 2023)




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